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With a degree in finance from The Pennsylvania State University and a medical degree from the Temple University School of Medicine, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has developed a successful career as a physician and investor. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald primarily invests in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. This blog will explore the unique challenges faced by the individuals in these industries, as well as the pertinent issues in the more general fields of direct investments and medicine. Over the course of his career, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald has founded several successful biotechnology companies and teamed with another investment expert to create an asset management company focused primarily on healthcare and medicine.

Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald served as the managing director of corporate finance for the private investment firm D. H. Blair & Company, where he focused on investing in new therapies and treatments. In this role, he combined his passions for medicine and finance, and developed his ability to identify the researchers and projects with the most potential for success. At the firm, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald worked with several other professionals involved in both medicine and finance, and created a strong team of physician-financiers.

Over the past several decades, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald’s companies have engineered more than 100 licensed, clinical-stage treatments. He works with companies at all stages of development to ensure proper use of capital and guarantee the future viability of the company. This blog will look at the various trials that many startup companies face, especially those in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. These trials include securing approval through the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and similar bodies that operate internationally. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald understands how funding and management assistance for these companies can result in revolutions in the healthcare industry. One of the medicines that his companies have produced treats acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), which was formerly regarded as a fatal disease. The drug has saved the lives of thousands of patients.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald remains committed to giving back to the community through a variety of outlets. He established the Rosenwald Foundation, through which he has distributed millions of dollars to several different charities. In addition, he plays an active role in the operations of both of his alma maters. At The Pennsylvania State University, he serves on the Smeal College of Business Board of Visitors as an honorary member. He fulfills a similar role at the Temple University School of Medicine. In addition, he has served on the Columbia-Presbyterian Health Sciences Advisory Council. This blog will highlight the accomplishments of these organizations and institutions, especially as they apply to the development of new biotech firms and pharmaceutical companies.

Through this blog, individuals will gain insight into the complex realm of business development from a number of different angles. Dr. Lindsay Rosenwald remains one of the most respected business advisors in the world. Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News hailed him as the number-one Molecular Millionaire, and he recently sold one of his companies to Johnson & Johnson for nearly $1 billion.

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